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Plan Your Baby Naming Ceremony

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You want to plan your baby naming ceremony or plan a naming ceremony for an older child…

You may want to welcome a child in to your family, your comunity, your world…and make some commitments, name your child or cange an original name, introduce secular ‘godparents’, and give grand parents a roll in a child’s life…

You may also want to renew your vows to your partner or make vows with a friend who is supporting you in caring at the same time as making spoken commitments to your child.

You may want to involve grand parents and friends in making spoken commitments.

You may be welcoming an adopted child. You may be celebrating a new step-family. You may want an older child to have a name giving or coming of age celebration.

The venue, music, readings and theme of this event is all a matter of your choice…it’s about what is meaningful to you, and about what you really want to say.

You may want friends and family to witness your ceremony or you may want a quiet, simple event.

You may want to interweave some fun, or something that represents your spirituality.

Ceremony NorthWest can create a beautiful, meaningful, personal life event with you.

21 November 2011 · Lita


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