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Spring Handfasting, loving cup and spiritual blessing in a Cheshire Garden

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Just after the Launch of Civil Partnerships at Canal St, at Taurus, Lita and Carol of Ceremony NorthWest, conducted the beautifully spiritual elemental blessing and commitment of civil partnership vows by handfasting on a gloriously sunny day; the start of April, for two very lovely women.

The weekend before we had paced out the entirely personalised ceremony, practicing the vows and the music in a leisurely walkthrough.

The morning of the Ceremony, we also practiced the elemental blessing with four of the couple’s friends, and set up the ceremonial table and a signing table, in the hotel garden.

This beautiful ceremony involved both family and friends…and two gorgeous family members…two little dogs…at the close of the ceremony.

The couple were so radiant as they spoke their vows, in the presence of their friends and families, and their vows were sealed by handfasting, by exchange of rings and by they and family signing their vows as witness at the end of the ceremony.

This ceremony was written after several meetings and discussions with the couple to learn and understand what they wanted to express to and ask of each other and to family and friends on the day…

We supply the microphone and music system for an outdoor event.

This amount of care and attention to detail is a part of each and every ceremony and costs around the same as an off the peg registrar event.
You can have such a ceremony, indoors or out, at a venue of your choice…no venue license needed when you have an independent celebrant.

3 April 2012 · Lita


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